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At Egon International, we think of ourselves as more than a product supplier. We are an ideas and solutions company. Equipped with two decades of extensive experience and commercial success across Japan and China, our Japanese and Chinese staff provide our customers with a wide range of quality products and services.

Partnership with Egon International isn't just about buying our products, It's about building a relationship with a knowledgeable, trusted, committed source; adding value to your business and contributing to your success in the marketplace.

Whether you are looking for a packaging products for your Stores, a hygiene item for kitchen, machines that increase efficiency in your restaurant or any business support or consulting service, Egon International is here to deliver the right solution.

娯光有限公司在香港創業於1987年並且致力向客戸提供優質之産品服務。我們擁有20多年之香港, 日本及中國市場運作經驗已成為香港包裝用品及器具主要供應商之一。 同時為客戸提供各類商品支援服務。

我們不單一在提供優質産品服務還致力與客戸建立良好互助互利的合作關係, 提升相方發展利益。

我們從日本直接引進一系列之優質包裝産品及專業廚房用具外,同時亦提供各類衛生用品及代客人在日本市場訂購其他所需之用品等。 在強大供應網絡支援下,我們現供應各大餐飲業,超級市場,蔬果肉類店等食品行業之全面性包裝用品服務。優良服務,信心保證。

EGON INTERNATIONAL 日式外帶餐盒/食品包裝用品/刺身壽司盒

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